Getting Ready for Breckenridge, Colorado

Nothing is more exciting than getting ready for a fun winter trip (other than the trip itself of course!). For the second year in a row, I’m meeting my girl Karina and her beautiful family in the majestic Colorado mountains of Breckenridge.

Last year having fun in Breckenridge, CO!

I feel like this year I’ve been more diligent with advanced preparations compared to year’s past. Flight and hotel reservations were made well in advance (not always a given when it comes to me!), snowboard gear is ready to go, and I even had extra time to order a couple of things in Amazon! I’m getting ready to share it all with you so keep reading! I still have time to adjust if you think I’m missing anything. Let’s get going:

Fight & Transportation to Breckenridge:

Personally, I always fly directly to Denver and head to my destination via car from there. I’ve heard there are a couple of smaller and closer airports that I could look into but I prefer to fly into a larger airport that offers a variety of car rental and shuttler services. It’s about a 2 hour drive from Denver International Airport to Breckenridge. While I’ve done the drive myself (which you’ll be spoiled with a beautiful scenery if traveling during the day) this year I’m trying out an airport shuttle service named Summit Express. With gratuity included, the round trip is costing me about $130 when renting a car typically averages me about $300 not including gasoline.

View of one of the creeks in Brekenridge


This year, I’m staying at the Grand Timber Lodge. If you clicked the link to the hotel’s website you’ll see why I’m so excited about my hotel accommodations! It’s both casual and elegant which is the perfect combination for anyone trying to find a distraction from the daily routine. Also, it offers a ski-in & ski-out service! This is probably one of my favorite features in a hotel when going on a snowboard trip. It just makes getting to the mountains so much easier.

The last thing I want to call out, is that the hotel has a shuttle service that made my decision to not rent a car so much easier.

What to wear?

Well…let’s not sugarcoat it, it’s going to be VERY cold, so you want to make sure you stay warm and dress accordingly the entire time. Next, I’m planning to upload a bunch of pictures of the types of clothing items that I typically travel with but before I do that, I want to leave you with this: Amazon is a great place to shop for warmer pieces!! Not only it’s delivered straight to your door but they have made returns uber easy if you are not happy with your purchase. I got my Sorel boots through Amazon and I can’t say enough things about them. I will say that they are a little on the pricer side BUT if you are planning to travel or live in places where it snows a lot, this is a must have! Also, please don’t forget to bring a really warm coat! I don’t believe I took a picture with one of my favorite ones so if I don’t post it, here is the link to one of my favorite ones and its only $39.99! Link here.

Boots / Cozy animal print sweater / My all time favorite leggings
White vest (only $23.99!)/ Animal print sweater
Similar jacket / Leggings / Boots / Similar striped shirt

Also, if you are looking for more details on the last picture, I wrote about this winter outfit on a previous blog post. Make sure to check it out by clicking here.

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